Patient Education

It is important to take care of your teeth, as you only get one set of teeth. We believe it is important to have the information and education necessary to make decisions about your dental health and hygiene.

Replace Missing Teeth

Need to replace a missing tooth? We offer a variety of dental restoration options to make your smile complete. Your dentist will help you evaluate which replacement option is right for you.

Start Dental Care Early

We encourage parents to introduce oral care to their children as soon as possible. You're welcome to bring them with you during your visit to acclimate them to the dentist.

Be Mindful of Harmful Agents

Some decisions you make on a daily basis may be dramatically impacting your oral health. Avoiding harmful agents such as smoking, alcohol, sugars and sun exposure can ensure a healthy smile.

family brushing their teeth

Other Resources

Educate yourself by exploring some the resources provided: Colgate Kids, and Parkey & Davis Dentistry.

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